Oil, Meet Water (NaBloPoMo #11)

Today’s prompt was: “Of the people who are close to you, who is the person most unlike you?”

On the people who are close to me, the person must unlike me is myself.

I live with two persons in my body and I keep going back and forth between them.

One is always smiling, the other one keeps staring into to space.

One is happy with her friends, one wants to sleep forever.

One wants to do anything she could possibly imagine, the other one keeps holding her back.

One is someone people like for here kindness, one is someone people hate for her nastiness.

One is great, one is miserable.

One is happy,  one is depressed.

One is free, one is prisoner of anxiety.


Life is too short to.. (NaBloPoMo #10)

Life is too short to say no.

Suffering from panic attacks, I find myself saying no the the things I want to do the most by fear that’ll either freak out or be judged.

It sucks. I can’t count how many things I regret of not doing just because I was scared. But I say no anyways. The fear takes over and it doesn’t matter if I know I’ll regret it later. I can’t do it.

I regret not doing that huge ziplane that made you fly over Las Vegas, I regret not kissing that boy I liked just because I panicked when he got too close to me, I regret not dancing at every parties I go to because I’m afraid to be surrounded by too many people looking at me, I regret arriving late at school, on purpose, because I was too afraid to have a panic attack in the middle of the class.

I should say yes, because life is way to short for not doing what you really want to.