This is a letter from my phone. (NaBloPoMo #7)

This is a letter from my phone.

Dear Héloise,

As much as I like you, I really need to tell you this. Stop using me every seconds of your life, and start enjoying what’s surrounding you. Who knows what you might be missing while walking in the street, me glued to your hand.

This being said, you’re very entertaining, is there anything a phone likes more than listening to teenagers’ conversations about boys, school, parents and boys (and boys)?! I particularly love your snapchat’s screenshots.

Whenever I’m bored I read all of your old texts and appreciate how much you’ve changed in the past years. I’m super proud of you for not saying “lol” anymore.

You’re not the best phone owner, though.. You hurt me a lot and don’t take good care of me. Don’t mind me being a killjoy, but I’m saying it again: STOP USING ME AS MUCH! You’re waisting our time watching stupid YouTube videos, reading stupid tweets, scrolling for hours through stupid Instagram photos. I’d rather sleep all day, you know.

Have a nice life and know that I’m glad to share it with you (but seriously: keep me in your bag).

Your phone

(this is day 7 of the November Writing Challenge)



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