Let my friendship be. (NaBloPoMo #8)

Change is good, well, change is often good, you may not think at first, but it will be in the long run.

But life should have left my friendship untouched, life should not have let it come apart pieces by pieces. It should have always stay the same, you and I, on the same boat, always happy, or miserable, but only at the same time. School, friends, popularity, time, boys, they should not have come between us.

Little bits of our friendship comes back sometimes, but then vanish as fast as it came back. I feel like you don’t care, you may feel like I don’t care either, but pride touched our friendship, it shouldn’t have.

The other part of our lives that have always been there grew, and began to define ourselves, and we changed, we went into opposites directions. This change was vital for both of us, but why this change had to slowly break what we had?

What we had, this is what should’ve been untouched.

(this is day 8 of the November Writing Challenge)


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