This is a letter to my future child. (NaBloPoMo #6)

This is a letter to my future child.

Hello baby,

I’m sixteen as I’m writing you this letter, and it feels very bizarre to think that I’ll be a mother to a wonderful child one day.

I’ll be your mother, and I’m sure I am really proud to be. I genuinely hope that your father and I are going to be the best parents as we can so you can grow into this big-hearted person that I dream to have raised.

I could give you life advice, but let’s be honest, I’m sixteen, what do I know about life? And even if I did know about it, I’m sure you’re going to take the best out of your upcoming mistakes.

I think that I’ll be a great mom, I’m having a lot of practice with your uncle Noé who is currently two,  you know. He’s probably fifteen while you’re reading this and I cross my fingers for him to be an amazing teenager and a great role-model to you. I love him so much and I can’t even dream about a better baby than him, I don’t know how I could love someone else more than him, but I probably will with you, my wonderful baby girl.

I’m guessing you’re a girl, it seems so natural to me that you are. I may not know you’re father yet, I may do. I hope I don’t and I hope I do.

You’re probably born in Paris or maybe in New York, let’s see what the futur brings us and let’s accept it as it’s going to be.


Your sixteen years old mother.

(this is day 6 of the November Writing Challenge)


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