Paris Room Tour ♡


For once, I cleaned my room so I thought I’d do a little room tour, I’m gonna present you my bedroom at my mom’s apartment. Here’s what you see when you stand at my door.


When you enter, on your left you see a wall with this Bastille poster I took off in the streets haha, on your right is this little niche in which is this secret secret box and some bits and bobs.

DSC_0020                            DSC_0043

In front of the door is my desk, as you can see it’s purple and the wall above it is green and it’s amagnetic wall so I put a lot of stuff on there.

DSC_0012   DSC_0010

The wall opposite to the Bastille poster is actually a cupboard where I store my clothes.


    Then, if you stand near the desk and look at your left, you can see this. On the beam is a timeline of our friendship my best friend made me.


On a pretty table is my make up collection as well as my skincare products.


Above the table is my “feel good shelf“, on which there are a few treats, little motivational quotes, a candle, my 2014 memory jar and a few bath bombs.


My room then continues under the roof, so I can’t stand up. Here’s my red record player and a sheepskin with a few pillows, a candle and some fairy lights. I really like to sit there, and read while listenings to some old records.


Still under the roof is my bed on which my computer is.

DSC_0027    DSC_0032


As you may have seen there’s no real windows in my rooms but I do have fanlights, and here’s the vue from one of them.


 Finally, here is a quick video tour I made, so be sure to check it out!


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